Bumplings: Ruff Luxury

Getting things started here at Ruff Luxury is a thirty-minute mix focusing on the sounds of Barranquilla, Colombia.  Many of these tunes were recorded at Felito Records’ Estudios Felito : “El Templo del Sonido Perfecto“, mainly during the eighties, but going back to the seventies once or twice and as far forward as ’91 for the Nelda Piña

So here we have it, special dedicated to all music lovers–Coastal Colombian stompers, bumplings for any occasion.

[EDIT: Download the Mix here]


La India Catalina – La Banda Negra

Antonio (El Burrero) – Los Wadyngos

Mamba – Los Cumbiamberos de Gamero con La Niña Emilia

El Polleron – Conjunto Son San

Pega y Torcia – Abelardo Carbono y Su Grupo

Arriba Arriba – Son Palenque

Ataole – Soneros de Gamero

Rosa – Soneros de Gamero

La Matica – Banda los Hijos de la Niña Luz

Manuelito Barrios – Los Papaupas con Calixto 8A

Palenquero – Nelda Piña

Shacalao – Cumbia Moderna de Soledad

Missefy – Cubia Siglo XX


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5 responses to “Bumplings: Ruff Luxury

  1. Tristram,
    Gran Selección de Música Cumbia
    Gracias por mostrar y rescatar el Folclor del Caribe Colombiano

  2. Wild stuff, Tris. Glad you put this together. Aunt Mary Ann

  3. Thank you Aunt Mary Ann!

  4. Lissy

    por fin! bumplings para todos

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