Double Bumplings

Fresh from the Ruff Luxury mixing bowl comes our latest offering for the discerning listeners and avid music fans.  A selection showcasing the influence of West Africa in Colombia’s coastal musical traditions, this mix features bumplings from heavy-hitters like Son Palenque, Cumbia Moderna de Soledad, and Anibal Velasquez.  Drum machines, Rod Stewart covers, cumbias, songs about farm animals–these are just a few of the many things that you will encounter in this seasonal sancocho, a second helping from TrizlAm and the Ruff Luxury.

[Edit: Download the mix here]


Quiero a Mi Gente – Abelardo Carbono y su Conjunto

El Gallo Africano – Wganda Kenya

Rumba – Vladimir Fiona

El Zapatero “Remix” – M. Smith

El Chivo – Melchor

La Pegajosa – Boogaloo

La Lampara de Aladino – Fraider Castro

Azuca y Limon – Son Palenque

Dame la Llave – Conjunto Son San

Guayabo Enlatao – Ramón Chaverra

Crees Que Soy Sexy – La Cumbia Moderna de Soledad

Crees Que Soy Sexy – Banda Los Hijos de la Niña Luz

Rosa Prende la Vela – Anibal Velasquez

Mensaje a Panama – Heber Macias


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3 responses to “Double Bumplings

  1. jp

    new mix is hot! lovin it.

  2. Many thanks Jessie, much more to come

  3. Just got to listen to it now. Loving it. – Juan Pablo

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