Cumbias Cumbias Cumbias

On this third mix we hear a sampling of different flavored cumbias from Colombia, Peru and Mexico.  Direct from the Ruff Luxury cutting boards to your dinner plate–thumpers from the likes of Marina Barrios, Los Destellos, African Rocks, and the great Andres Landero.  For this offering we have stepped up our mp3 game (now featuring brilliant 320 kbps bit rate!) so download and enjoy freely on your i-pods, your cell phones, and even your home hi-fi systems–and do remember to please forgive any skips or surface noise that you may hear on these recordings… they should sound good anyway.

Purveying the heat that never skips a beat–a cazuela of cumbias for your dancing feet.


La Majaguita – Cumbia Baranoa

Cumbia en el Caserio – Marina Barrios y Conjunto Típico

Soledad – Los Galleros

Luna Marinera – Cumbia Juvenil de Soledad

Cumbia Sobre el Agua – Los Hermanos Tuiran

La Pava Congona – Andres Landero y su Conjunto

Cumbia Loca – Alfredo Gutierrez y sus Acordeones Dorados

Cumbia Cartago – African Rocks

Cumbia en la Jungla – Afrosound

Fiesta en la Selva – Los Mirlos

Enigma – Leonello y sus Palos Nuevos

Volando Alto – Los Destellos

El Poncho – Los Rumbaney

Cumbia Colombiana – Raul Puch y Sexteto

La Danza de los Mirlos – Afrosound

Cumbia de los Pajaritos – Los Aragon

Cumbia Candelosa – Chicken y sus Comandos

Cuando Crezca la Noche – El Afrocombo de Pete Vicentini

La Reina – Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto


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4 responses to “Cumbias Cumbias Cumbias

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  2. ljdiv

    Which song is playing at 12 minutes

  3. At 12 minutes it is Cumbia Cartago by African Rocks if I am not mistaken

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