Bumplings: Rica Musica

This one goes out to all dancers with sophisticated taste.  Rica Musica, the fourth mix-up from the Ruff Luxury kitchen-studios hits your dinner plate with melody, rhythm and bass to tear down the place.  From Cuba to Venezuela, Puerto Rico to la Republica Dominicana, Colombia and back again–musica Afroantillana: salsa, merengue, plena, guaguanco and descarga for your musical pleasure.

And now, the polyrhythmic sensation ready to storm the nation without further hesitation, broadcasting live from Ruff Luxury sound station: Rica Musica.



China Baila Mozambique – Pello El Afrokan

Africa – Silvestre Mendez

Chocolate – Ray Pérez y Sus Kenyas

Ramona – Cortijo y Su Combo

Melao, Melao – Luis Morales

Paulina – Doris Valladares y Su Conjunto Típico

Malanga Amarilla – Cachao y Su Ritmo Caliente

Descarga a Colombia – Los Blanco

El Mero Malo – Senén y Su Negramenta

Ponte En Onda – Alfredo Linares y Su Salsa Star

El Pregonero – Memo Argote y Su Grupo Majestad

Buscandote – The Latin Brothers

El Preso – Fruko y Sus Tesos

Con Los Pobres Estoy – Roberto Roena

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