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It is full time once again to ruff up the internet with a Ruff Luxury mixxup.  Here we have another satisfying selection of sounds from heavyweights like Michi Sarmiento, Wganda Kenya, and La Niña Emilia (who sadly passed away in June).  With the exception of Antuco y su Ritmo (hailing from Peru) all of these artists represent a fine example of Colombian música tropical and their songs capture the spirit of carnaval in the Caribbean coast.  Even though we’re a long way from the once de noviembre and even farther from the carnavales de Barranquilla I thought this would be appropriate since it is carnival season here in Boston and–despite the rain–I was feeling jumpy.

Once again, jumplings for your musical satisfaction


Anita – Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto

La Ceiba – Cumbia Soledeña

Al Principio – Juvenil y sus Changos

A La Cumbia – Andrés Morales

Cumbia Sabrosa – Los Satelites

Se Cayo El Palo – Dolcey Gutierrez y sus Especialistas

Pica Pica En Carnaval – Angel Vasquez y su Conjunto

Murio En Palenque – Los Wadyngos / Martha Herrera

El Pajaro Picon – Los Cumbiamberos de Gamero / Emilia Herrera

Barranquillero – Cumbia Siglo XX

El Caterete – Wganda Kenya

Sabor Magico – Antuco y sy Ritmo

Amor Costeño – Heber Macias

Antonia – Michi y su Combo Bravo

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