Best Things In Life

Another rainy day here in Boston and it’s really beginning to feel like the summer is over.  I can’t say I’m too disappointed to see it go though, the autumn is always one of my favorite times of year.  The last of the harvest, pumpkin ice cream, apple picking, and a frenzied rush to enjoy what little outdoor time remains before the infernal winter sets in.  For me (inshallah) these months will mark the beginning of a new employment, and the newfound ability to afford to go out and buy some wax–but in the meantime in between time I will continue to dip into the Ruff Luxury Record Pantry for more mediafire mixxup madness.  So do enjoy the latest offering, whether its winter, autumn, summer or spring–and tune back in soon for the next installment of A RUFF LUXURY MIXXUP.

In honor of the changing seasons I present to you, friends, a sonic succotash to sooth the senses.  Ital musical stew for your mind, body, and soul.



Going Places – Hugh Mundell

Unity – Barry Brown

Best Things in Life – Barry Brown

Emanuel Road – Barry Brown

Love Your Brother – Naggo Morris

Love Jah Jah Children – Big Youth

Don’t Think About Me – Horace Andy

Strength & Power – The Uplifter

Free Basing – Ricky Grant

Up-Full One – Dennis Brown

Prophecy – Little Roy

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