Here goes another thirty-minute selection, cumbias and more or your musical enjoyment.  For some previous cumbia-heavy mixtapes click here or here.  We are firmly in Colombian territory on the sounds featured here with the exception of a brief excursion into Peru for the Orientales’ La Danza del Mono.


Navidad Negra – Pedro Laza y Sus Pelayeros

La Papera – Pedro Laza y Sus Pelayeros

Peñata El Cumbiambero – Los Hermanos Tuiran

Cumbia Colombia – Alfredo Gutierrez / Nacho Paredes

La Danza del Mono – Los Orientales

Cabeza de Cholito – Afrosound

Elionora – Miguel Duran y su Conjunto

Cumbia Africana – Cumbia Siglo XX

El Muerto Borrachon – Miguel Beltran y sus Gaiteros

La Yuca Raya – Kammpala Grupo

Una Mañanita – Grupo Naidy

Navidad Negra – Pedro Laza y Sus PelayerosLa Papera – Pedro Laza y Sus Pelayeros   Pedro Laza was a Cartagena native, bassist and leader of Los Pelayeros, the band that he formed in 1952.  These two sides reveal the man’s music in two distinct fashions–between the melancholic and more produced-feeling Navidad Negra and the adrenaline-fueled, carnavalesque La Papera.

Peñata El Cumbiambero – Los Hermanos Tuiran This track takes us back into slower tempo territory with the familiar nostalgic lyrics, shuffling percussion and bittersweet accordions.  Juan and Emiro Tuiran are the hermanos who put together this outfit that has enjoyed much popularity over the years in cumbiacentric circles from Colombia to Mexico and beyond.

Cumbia Colombia  – Alfredo Gutierrez  What can I really say about Alfredo Gutierrez–one of the greats of the accordion that continues to be central figure in the Colombian music scene today. Truly a living legend.  That being said, what really gets me here is Nacho Paredes’ vocals–he kills it with the sparse, call and response laden, slightly mad sounding voice.

La Danza del Mono – Los Orientales  Yes, the mono dance.  This selection from Los Orientales de Paramonga has more of a funky, fuzz guitar thing going as was the fashion at the time in Peruvian cumbia circles.  It comes to me from a compilation on Caliente records named ‘Bailando con la Dolores y con el Sonido Sexicional’ that features recordings from the Dinsa catalogue.  Peruvian outfits like Los Mirlos and Los Destellos were pretty big in Colombia for a time there and spawned a slew of inspired Colombian recordings including the one that we hear next.

Cabeza de Cholito – Afrosound  This track is taken from Afrosound’s ‘La Danza de Los Mirlos’ Lp, a 1973 release that contains two of the group’s better known hits–Caliventura as well as the title track La Danza de Los Mirlos.  Nevertheless, Cabeza de Cholito is the highlight on this album for me, composed by Julio Ernesto Estrada (aka Fruko) and featuring some truly wicked psychedelic guitar stylings towards the second half of the tune.

Elionora – Miguel Duran y su Conjunto  Really I think that the whole mix was an excuse for me to play this track here, so I hope that it was at least worth it up to this point.  I dont know much about Miguel Duran but this track really just devastates.  The loose vallenato style cumbia here is really my cup of tea, and I’m disappointed that I wasn’t checking for more of this kind of stuff while in Colombia.

Cumbia Africana – Cumbia Siglo XX  Back to Barranquilla here with Fernando Rosales’ Cumbia Siglo XX.  The west african guitar stylings start to show themselves on this track, indeed this is a good example of how costeño musicians digested and retransmitted the panafrican sounds that were being played by the picós at verbenas and casetas around Cartagena and Barranquilla.

El Muerto Borrachón – Miguel Beltran y sus Gaiteros And here we find ourselves back in more traditional territory with this gaita from Miguel Beltran.  It can be found on the ‘Felito En Carnaval vol. 1’ Lp released in 1980 by the Barranquilla powerhouse Felito Records.

La Yuca Raya – Kammpala Grupo This track is taken from a split Wganda Kenya / Kammpala Grupo Lp and to be honest I’m not sure whether Kammpala Grupo is its own separate entity, or another combination of Fuentes house musicians being presented as a ‘new’ band (this happened a lot–Fruko, Latin Brothers, Afrosound and Wganda Kenya all consisted mainly of the same musicians).  Either way the marimba, percussion, sound effects and singing create quite a heady combination.

Una Mañanita – Grupo Naidy The marimba vibes continue here, closing out the mix with a fine example of Juga music from Colombia’s pacific coast.  You can find information about the CD it came from, including full, informative liner notes, over here.  I recommend buying a copy if you are interested in hearing more of this pacificolombian music.  It also has the original version of El Botellón that was awesomely updated by Uproot Andy on ‘Bersa Discos #4’.

That concludes this installment of the Ruff Luxury.  Hope you have enjoyed the sounds as much as I do.

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