Photographic Graphic: Gladdy Wax

I stumbled across this picture today and thought it would be a nice one to share here.  Prasanna Balasundaram, my good friend and at that time neighbor, took this shot of the Gladdy Wax crew in action at Clissold Park in the Stoke Newington area of London.  An elder statesman of the North London reggae scene, Gladdy Wax ran a record shop in Stoke Newington for many years, and has operated his beloved sound system for over three decades.  Before establishing himself in London, Gladdy cut his chops in Birmingham on the infamous Quaker City sound (more info here).

P also took the photo that is on the header graphic of this blog, along with many others documenting revival sound system events around London in the spring and summer months of 2008.  I will continue to post some of my favorites of these images in an ongoing series here, so–maximum respect to Prasanna Balasundaram out of Toronto, Canada.  Don’t stop shooting my friend!

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